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Steve Raskin: Front-End/Interface Developer

Hello. I'm Steve Raskin, I'm a Front-End developer.

update 2020.06 - part deux:

Please note that in addition to my Vue (& React) apps, I've also updated the 'other projects' below.

update 2020.06:

I've completed another Vue.js application; it's called 'Fotos'; I bet you can guess what it's all about. Please check out 'Fotos' here, and here's the code on my github page.

update 2022.04:

Well sadly this is inoperative at the moment 'cause google firebased me … stay tuned …

update 2020.05:

Sometime ago I built a CRUD application in the Vue.js framework, and have recently revisited the code for review and re-factoring.

Though I continue to discover opportunities to improve and optimize the app, I do think it's presentable (and I have several other Vue & React projects slated for similar review), so I've posted the 'giglog' demo here, and the code on github.

Dateline May 2020:

I spent most of the past year in the role of primary front-end engineer in real estate tech startup. The environment comprised Java, within the GWT (Google Web Toolkit) framework, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Git, and MySQL. Among other things, I rebuilt, replaced, and optimized components, built a new form controls library, an image/icon library, and several marketing efforts which featured extensive CSS/Javascript animations.

The experience was challenging, collaborative, creative, and illuminating. I learned a lot, and I'm committed to maintain the standards that resulted in successfully brief code reviews there - wisely conducted, I should say, as the weekly office happy hour was getting under way.

Unfortunately, the impact of the covid pandemic on the company's financial position resulted in about 30% of the staff being laid off, ergo I'm seeking a new opportunity.

Considering my success in an environment centered around technologies which were mostly foreign to me beforehand, I am ready and willing to take on any new challenge. Lately I've returned my focus to Vue.js, and I must say that my experience since spring 2019 working in GWT definitely informs my perspective on Vue, despite their substantive differences.

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